Safari Themed Party Tips

Let’s Go On Safari!
Invite your guest to go on a jungle adventure at your next party! The following tips  are geared more towards kids and will help you plan a fun safari theme party for a birthday or just as a get together with friends.

I recommend:

Jungle Party Supplies
Jungle Buddies Party Kit –

Safari Party Decorating Ideas:

Room Decorations
Balloons and streamers…the basic decorating stand-bys…are always an inexpensive and easy way to turn any room into a festive birthday party. Attach streamers from center of ceiling to each corner of the room. Use two colors and twist streamers for effect. Or…attach streamers from doorways or down walls. Use plenty of gold and black balloons. Tie in bunches of 3 around room and/or attach one balloon to the back of each chair at the table. Use extra balloons on the “birthday” chair. Give each child a balloon to take home after the party. If you already have some stuffed jungle animals (lions, tigers, elephants, monkeys) set those around the room. Have a few large potted leafy plants and/or ferns (artificial or real) around in room to create a jungle atmosphere. Greet each guest with a pith helmet or safari hat to set the mood.!

This is the perfect party to have outside!
If you have a patio, fill it with lots of potted leafy plants and/or ferns. Set around any toy stuffed jungle animals you have or use jungle animal standees. Set around lots of tiki candles and place a raffia tableskirt around your patio table. Greet each guest with a pith helmet or safari hat. Go on a jungle adventure by playing the Island Survival Game. Get inventive for this party!

Table Decorations
Decorate your table with Animal Print theme paper goods for easy clean up. Tie a bunch of balloons onto a balloon weight and set them in an upside down pith helmet or safari hat in middle of table for centerpiece. Or, use your cake as the centerpiece.

Safari Party Activities

  • Survival Game – Everyone loves the Survivor TV program. Play your own Survival Game!
  • Monkey See – Monkey Do! – Play like Simon Says and give commands with a jungle theme. (act like a monkey, roar like a lion, etc)
  • Roaring Contest – Give prizes for the loudest, funniest, etc.
  • Pin the Tail on the Donkey – An old favorite at every birthday party.

Safari Party Favor Ideas

  1. Animal Print Sunglasses
  2. Animal Slap Bracelets
  3. Jungle Beads
  4. Animal Puppets
  5. Pith Helmet
  6. Jungle Hat
  7. Animal Print Bandana

Safari Party Food Ideas

  • chocolate covered bananas
  • banana chips
  • fruit salad
  • vegetable salads
  • trail mix
  • chips and dip
  • peanuts
  • pretzels
  • animal crackers

The Birthday Cake!

Make your own Jungle Animal cake using a Wilton Monkey Shaped Cake Pan. Or, order a themed cake from your local bakery or grocery store.