Pirate Party Tips


Pirate Treasure!
When inviting guest to this party, let them know they are welcome to arrive dressed as pirates! Girls can come as Tinkerbell or maidens if they don’t want to be pirates. Have a selection of pirate hats, skull caps, bandanas, eye patches, hooks and necklaces available for guest to wear.

Fun Idea! – Instead of mailing an invitation, send a message in a bottle! Roll the invitation up, and tie it with a small piece of green curling ribbon (seaweed). Add the invitation to an empty water bottle (label removed). Add a little sand to each bottle, and a few small seashells and hand deliver.

Pirate Party Decorating Ideas:

Room Decorations
Balloons and streamers…the basic decorating stand-bys…are always an inexpensive and easy way to turn any room into a festive theme party. Attach streamers from center of ceiling to each corner of the room. Use two colors and twist streamers for effect. Or…attach short streamers to doorways or down walls. Use plenty of black pirate balloons. Tie in bunches of 3 around room. A Treasure Chest Pinata can be used as a decoration and as a game later. Decorate room with Pirate Flags, Pirate Banner and Pirate Cut-Outs and Pirate Scene Setters.

Table Decorations
The easiest way to bring out any party theme is with the paper products for your table. Decorate with Pirate theme tablecover, plates, napkins and cups. Add plates or napkins in solid blue or black if desired. Scatter a few fake gold coins about on the table. For the center of the table have a bunch of balloons attached to an upside down pirate or sailor hat.

Pirate Party Activity and Game Ideas

  • Treasure Chest Pinata – A must for every party! Even adults love whacking a pinata for the treasure inside! You can also use the pinata for the Treasure Hunt game below.
  • Treasure Hunt – Hide the “treasure chest” and have a map that leads to it. Make it as hard as you like!! (Make up clues that are rhymes, etc.) Be sure to have an “X” to mark the spot! If you like, have two teams and see which team finds the treasure first! Use gold coins for the treasure.
  • Swab the Deck – Play as a relay game with the group divided into two teams. Have each “pirate” use a mop to “swab” an inflated balloon.
  • Peg Legged Race – Hold a three legged race (peg leg) race! Winner gets a prize!
  • Pirate Movie – Watch a pirate theme movie, such as Pirates of the Caribbean or Peter Pan.

Pirate Party Food Ideas

Where’s the Grub?
Pirates LOVE to eat. Below are a few suggestions:

  1. Submarine Sandwiches
  2. Fish ‘n Chips
  3. Chicken legs (or chicken drummies)
  4. Tater Tots
  5. Cheese and Fruit on skewers (swords)
  6. Gold Fish crackers (of course!)
  7. Pirate Grog (cola drinks)
  8. Yo! Ho! Ho! and a bottle of Rum!

Pirate Birthday Cake!

Make your own theme cake using a Pirate Cake Kit or Edible Image (if you have the time and talent). Last resort…order a theme cake from your local bakery or grocery store. BE SURE TO ORDER EARLY!