Luau Party Tips

Luau Party

Hawaiian Luau – Great Summer Fun! – Summer is the perfect time to have your own Hawaiian Luau Party! Whether you have it by the pool, at the lake, beach or even inside…a Luau is always fun and exciting! Let your imagination go wild and decorate with vivid colors and lots of flowers. For a “native” feel, hold the luau at night and use torches and candlelight. Flowers, Candles, Seashells, Streamers and Balloons can transform any room or patio into an Hawaiian paradise!

Getting Started

A unique idea…send invitations in a bottle! Ask everyone to wear their favorite Hawaiian attire and greet them at the door with colorful Leis. You don’t need a reason to have a Luau…just get together with family and friends and have fun!

For kids…have a fun Sponge Bob theme Luau.

For adults…a Blue Hawaii Elvis Luau will put a new twist on an old theme.


Line your front sidewalk with Tiki Torches. Greet your guests with two or three Hawaiian Leis. Of course, have them come dressed in their favorite Hawaiian attire, but have a few grass skirts available in case anyone wants to try the Hula!


Inside or Outside
Balloons and streamers are economical ways to give any room or area a festive look. Drape streamers from the center of the ceiling to the walls on each side of the room. Twist streamers after they are anchored to a ceiling or wall. Two different colored streamers can be placed back to back and twisted for a different look.

Tie bunches of balloons together and tie randomly around room or party area. For a great balloon centerpiece…tie a colorful bunch of balloons to a balloon weight. Wrap the balloon weight with a colorful bandanna and fasten with a lei bracelet.

Go as extreme as you want with decorations including Hawaiian scene setters, inflatable palm trees and parrots, luau lights and tiki torches.

Table Decorations
1. Wrap your tables with Raffia Table Skirting. Add a string or two of lights around the head table for extra flair.

2. Candles are perfect for setting a romantic island mood. Group several candles together. Add some assorted seashells and flowers for a beautifully decorated table. Add as many theme decorations as your budget will allow.

3. Bundle your cutlery in theme napkins and use inexpensive pairs of sunglasses as napkin rings. Place one in the center of each plate.

4. Use one of the many Luau and Tiki theme paper dinnerware products that are available. (Easy clean-up!)

For the kids…Sponge Bob has a new Luau theme this year and kids will love it.

For the adults…Blue Hawaii with Elvis will give a new twist. Or fall back on the old favorites of Luau floral prints or Tiki patterns.

Luau Games

Limbo – The young and the young at heart always enjoy the classic beach game of Limbo.
Hula Contest – For Kids or Adults – Have hula hoops available and play Hawaiian music for a “Hula-Hoop Contest”. Have grass hula skirts available for the real version of the Hula! Award prizes of lip balm or cheap sunglasses.
Survival Game – The newest Luau favorite is the Island Survival Game!


Luau Party Supplies