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A Hollywood theme party is one of the most popular choices for all ages! Fun for adults, kids, or teens alike! You can choose for yours to be a costume party, a movie premier theme party, or awards night theme party. Just be sure to include lots of glitz and glamour!

Getting Started

Invite everyone to wear “dress-up” clothes with lots of bling, or to dress in gold or silver! If you’re having a costume party, guest can come as their favorite Hollywood movie star! Throw some confetti in the invitations to get everyone in the mood for an exciting party.


Be sure and have extra hats, boas, and tiaras on hand for guest. A Hollywood theme party should have a photographer taking lots of pictures. As guest come in, have someone take their picture. (You could use a digital camera and have someone print these out and give to guest when they leave as a favor.) Have your “official photographer” taking pictures all night. There’s always lots of “flash” at a Hollywood party!

Room Decorating

Use a custom banner to announce your party. Have a red carpet runner for guest to walk down as they enter. Decorate with gold and black or silver and gold. Tie bunches of balloons together and place randomly around the room or party area.

Go as extreme as you want with the decorations including Hollywood themed signs, ceiling dangles, or even large props to set the scene.

Table Decorations

There are several choices for Hollywood themed tableware or you could use gold and/or silver solids. If it’s a small party, you can go fancy with your best china. Place several candles on table(s). Floating candles are a nice idea. If possible, use silver serving trays. (You can even purchase very realistic looking silver trays at party supply stores.) Sprinkle around some confetti or glitter on the table.

Party Activity Ideas

  1. Hollywood Trivia – is a fun idea! Prepare questions ahead. Prizes can be bling jewelry or cheap sunglasses.
  2. Karaoke Contest – For Kids or Adults – This is always a fun activity! Give a Shooting Star award to the winner.
  3. Movie Awards – Have guest make a short movie before arriving and show it at the party. Have a contest for the best movie. Or, have guest divide into teams and make a short movie at the party. Give a Movie Buff Award to the winner.
  4. Movie Review – Show a movie, recent or old, for guest enjoyment during party.

Favor Ideas

  • Candy bars with personalized wrappers – make a fun idea as a prize or party favor.
  • Photo frame – with a picture of guest taken during party.
  • Swag bag – fill with personalized party mints, sunglasses, a bling.

Party Ideas

Watch this video for some awesome Hollywood party ideas. My favorite is the life-size Paparazzi standee that flashes! Your guest can pose for the camera all night!


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The Paparazzi Effect

This life-size flashing paparazzi standee will be the life of the party!

Life-size Paparazzi standee that flashes
Flashing Paparazzi Standee – Shindigz.com