Pirate’s Cove Prop Kit

Pirate's Cover Party Props
Pirate’s Cove Party Props Kit – Shindigz.com

This Pirate’s Cove Prop Kit is perfect for a Pirate or Neverland themed party, event, or dance. It includes a large Jolly Roger ship prop and several standees that can be used for photo backgrounds. You can buy the whole kit, or as many separate props as you want.

Kit Includes:
1 Neverland Jolly Roger Ship Prop
1 Neverland Mermaid Standee
1 Neverland Crock With Clock Standee
2 Small Wave Standees
1 Palm Horizon Background

A Better Look at the Props:


Pirate’s Cove Props


Crock with Clock standee


Palm Horizon Background


Mermaid Standee


Jolly Roger Ship Prop