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Unique Party Ideas - The Guide to Tea Parties

Written by Erika Avala

Are you celebrating an important event in your life? Tired of the usual sit-down dinner or potluck? Looking for a new spin on the traditional bridal shower, debut or birthday party? Why not have a tea party instead?

When I turned sixteen, my parents asked me if I wanted to have a traditional sweet sixteen party. Where I live, we have real, ultra-formal, Sweet Sixteen "coming out balls" complete with cotillions, long gowns and sweeping down a grand staircase. But being more interested in Jane Austen, horses and the Kings and Queens of England than being "introduced to society" or dancing with boys at sixteen, I told them I wanted a tea party with my best girl friends instead. But don't think that tea parties are only for little girls. Even now, a decade later, I still host occasional tea parties for my friends - albeit more grown-up versions.

Need tea party ideas? Here are some that you and your friends will surely enjoy - no matter how old you are.

1. Alice in Wonderland Theme
Johnny Depp showed us that dressing up as the Mad Hatter can be oh-so-cool. So, why don't you and your friends have your own version of the old classic tale? Be creative with it!

2. Grown-up Tea Party
Who says drinking tea has to be boring? If you can spike coffee, you can spike tea too! So, how about some late afternoon drinks to take the edge off a long, hard day? Look for recipes online. Your friends will love you for it.

Have a Fun Tea Party!