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The Key to Surprise Party Planning Success

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Written by Jim Smoot

A fun twist on throwing a party is to take some time to do some surprise party planning. Birthday parties are a great occasion for a surprise party, but you don't have to restrict yourself to just birthdays. Any time that you want to throw a party to honor someone can be used as an excuse to throw a surprise party.

You will need to think through many of the elements of a normal party, but there are a few other considerations with surprise party planning, not the least of which is keeping the whole affair a secret from the guest of honor. You will need to work on your guest list, plan a menu, and come up with a location. The key to making this all a success is to do all of that planning without tipping off the honoree.

The fact that this is going to be a surprise party needs to be made clear to everyone involved from the very beginning. You want to make sure that none of the other planners or guests is unaware that this is to be kept secret. It only takes one slip of the tongue to turn your surprise party into just another normal party.

One of the things you will need to do is to disguise the fact that you have a house full of guests when the guest of honor arrives at the party location. It will most likely ruin the surprise if he or she pulls into the driveway and sees the street lined with cars of friends and family. You might want to suggest that your guests park further down the street, or even on another street, and then walk to the party location.

You should also have all of your guests scheduled to arrive at least 30-minutes before the guest of honor. That way everyone will be inside and out of sight before the honoree arrives.

The surprise party invitations are a great place to let your guests know all of the details they need in order to keep the party a surprise. You can instruct them where they are supposed to park, what time to arrive, appropriate dress, and what they should bring with them.

If you spend time on your surprise party planning, you are assured to have a successful event. It does take a little more work than a normal party, but to see the look of surprise on the guest of honors face makes it all well worth the extra effort.


About the Author: Jim Smoot has been a successful caterer and party planner, and he knows what it takes to put together a great party. To learn more about surprise birthday party planning, go to his website at and sign up for his free 10 day mini-course teaching you how to plan a great party without all of the unnecessary stress.

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