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Feeding a Super Bowl Crowd Made Simple

Super Bowl Party Supplies

Written by KC Kudra

The Superbowl is just around the corner. What will you serve to the hordes of rabid fans that will be gathering at your house? One of the best things you can do is keep it simple. No one is going to be interested in a sit down meal during the game. They all want something they can grab between plays and nosh.

Simplify Your Appetizer Serving

Set up a buffet near the viewing area so everyone can get easy access to the food. If you want to serve hot food since the weather is cold, put some crock pots to use. Crock pots can be used to make chili, pulled pork for sandwiches or stew. Swedish meatballs can be picked out of a crock pot with toothpicks or skewers. Other hot dishes could include a big pan of lasagna or a big pot of spaghetti. These foods can be put together ahead of time and cooked at the last minute. Set them out on the buffet and let your guests serve themselves. Buffalo wings are always a hit and they are a breeze to make.

Serve plenty of chips and dip. Pour your favorite salsa over a block of cream cheese and set it out with some tortilla chips. Make deli sandwiches using French bread, baguettes or artisan loaves. Fill them with cold cuts and wrap them up for the fridge. Cut and serve whenever the table begins to look bare.

Edible Dish Make Clean Up Easy

Use bread bowls to hold that chili or stew you made. Simply get some hard rolls and hollow them out. The insides can be saved to make stuffing on another day. Make a pile of hot dogs or baked potatoes and set out a toppings bar. Your guests can adorn their potatoes or dogs with their favorite condiments and toppings for a delicious treat.

An appetizer only party is a great way to open up your options for food. You can serve everything from simple crackers and toppings to fancy appetizers like rumaki. It is completely up to you. Football fans will love anything wrapped in bacon. Try cooking cheese, shrimp, or sausage wrapped in bacon and served on a toothpick. While it probably will not be the healthiest option, it will sure taste good!

Don't Forget to Keep the Drinks Cold

Do not forget the beverages. Many football fans appreciate having plenty of beer on hand. Keep it cold in an ice chest near the food table. Sodas are also a good choice for those who prefer not to drink alcohol. Stock several varieties so everyone can find something that they like to drink. Screaming and yelling as the game gets exciting can result in some mighty thirsty guests!

Whatever Superbowl party recipes you decide to make is up to you. Just make sure you make enough to satisfy your guests. Set the food out on the table in shifts so there is always something tasty to eat. You do not want to go down in history for running out of food by halftime.

Keeping your guests fed while they enjoy the game will ensure you a successful Super Bowl party. You will even have time to enjoy the party yourself and watch the game!


article written by KC KudraMaking easy Superbowl party recipes means that you can prepare all your snacks well in advance and relax with your guests when the game starts. There are lots of Superbowl recipes to choose from and meat snacks, like chicken wings, ribs and hot dogs, are always incredibly popular. You will find hundreds of quick easy appetizers at our website to give you some more ideas. - You Make the Appetizers, We Help You Make Them Delicious.

Have a Fun Super Bowl Party!

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