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Need Food Ideas for a Kid's Birthday Party?

This article gives great advice and ideas on which food to serve at a kid's birthday party. Sometimes it's really hard to decide! I like his idea to keep it simple! Read on for good ideas for your food choices.

Good Food Choices for a Kid's Birthday Party


Many times planning a birthday party also involves choosing food to serve. It can be difficult to plan a birthday party without having to serve something to eat. Choosing food for a child's birthday party comes along with some extra considerations.

Food for a child's birthday party can be difficult to choose. Not only are you going to want to make sure that everyone will like the food, but you will also want to be sure that the foods you serve are not too messy.

Every parent knows that food and child can equal a huge mess. The last thing you want to do after throwing a birthday party is having to spend hours cleaning up the mess left behind.

When choosing food for a child's birthday party the key is to keep it simple. Do not go overboard. The children are not going to care how extravagant the food is, all they care about is the way it tastes.

Choose foods that are not messy. You want to stick with foods that are common favorites, too. This is not the time to try out a new recipe. You can get creative if you like, but be cautious about it.

Overall, you should aim to choose foods that will be easy to serve, too. You do not want to have to monitor foods as they cook during the party. It is best to choose foods that can be cooked prior to the party and then set up to be served when the time comes.

Good foods for a child's birthday party include hot dogs, sandwiches, raw vegetable slices and chips. These foods are generally well liked, easy to prepare and serve and do not cause a huge mess.

The next food consideration is going to be cake and ice cream. One of the best ideas for serving cake and ice cream is to go with single servings. Serve cup cakes instead of slices of cake and serve individual containers of ice cream instead of scoops of ice cream.

Many bakeries now offer cup cake cake's. The cup cake's are arranged to form a larger cake. You then just take apart the cake and serve each child an individual cupcake. There is no cutting involved and the cupcakes can be eating without the need for a fork.

Depending upon the age of the party guests, you may want to consider serving individual juices instead of punch. Drink spills are often one of the biggest messes at a child's birthday party. If you do go with serving punch in cups you might want to consider buying disposable cups with lids.

Child's birthday party food should be satisfying, yet simple. Your goal is to provide food that every child will like and that will be easy to serve and clean up.

The food is not likely to be a main focus of the party, with the exception of the cake, so you can get away with keeping it simple. The children are going to be more interested in playing and having fun then what you are serving. So, save the extravagant food fair for your next adult party.

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