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Captain America Birthday Party Ideas: Decorating, Games, Food, Cake

Need ideas for a Captain America Birthday Party? In this article you will find ideas for the party invitations, room decorations, party games & activities, favors, food suggestions, and birthday cake ideas for your party. With the new Captain America movie coming out this summer, this will be a popular party choice, especially for boys. A Super Hero themed party is always a fun party and easy to do without spending a lot of money.

The Invitations
Invite guest to wear their favorite Super Hero tee shirt (if they have one) to the party. Purchase themed party invitations or make your own with colorful construction paper and add stickers for decoration.

Party Room Decorating Ideas
Decorate for your party with Captain America themed tableware and lots of red, white, and blue balloons (or red and blue star shaped balloons)! Include Captain America paper plates, napkins, cups, tablecover, centerpiece, and any other birthday decorations available that you like. If you don't want to spend a lot of money in decorations, use solid red and blue colors for the tableware. Sometimes I purchase only the themed napkins and tablecover, and use solid color plates and cups. This makes the child happy and the parent, too! If you already have some Captain America or Super Hero type toys, just set them randomly around the room. Also, a Captain America movie poster is very inexpensive and will make a great party decoration that can double as a gift! If you have any Patriotic themed decorations around the house, these would be perfect to add to the decor!

Party Games & Activities
A few ideas:
1. Super Hero - free play
2. Super Hero Best Move Contest
3. Hot Hero - play this like the classic Hot Potato game, but use a Super Hero doll instead.
4. Pin the Tail on the Donkey - Don't forget this classic party game.
5. Pinata - fun at any party!

Party Favor/Prize Ideas
Captain America wristbands, masks, stickers, and tattoos make great favor and/or game prize ideas.

Party Food Suggestions
Keep it simple. Super Heroes eat on the run, so bite size snacks are all you need. Cut sandwiches into a star shape with a cookie cutter. Serve a drink that is red or blue in color.

Birthday Cake Ideas
If you'd like to save money and make your own cake, purchase a Captain America Avenger Cake Decorating Kit or Captain America Toy Figure (This can double as a gift!) to place on a homemade or bought cake. If possible, use red, white, and blue icing on the cake. Most bakeries will have popular themed cakes available, but be sure and order early. I always like to serve party mints and peanuts with the cake and ice cream.

To Sum it Up
It's really pretty simple to make a fun Super Hero themed party for kids! Send out your invitations inviting your guest to wear a Super Hero tee shirt to your party. Decorate with Captain America themed tableware, movie posters, and lots of balloons. Play a few fun games and save time for plenty of Super Hero free play. Finish up with a birthday cake (that you can easily make yourself) and ice cream. Don't forget to take plenty of pictures! I hope these ideas have helped you plan your party!