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Need New Birthday Party Ideas for a Boy?

This article has a few new (and some not so new) ideas for a boy's birthday party, including: Harry Potter, Detective, Medieval, and Survivor party. I love these themed party ideas!

Boys Birthday Party Ideas


So, it's your son's birthday next month and you are wondering how to make his birthday party a very unique and special for him and his friends. Well, planning birthday parties for boys can be both fun and challenging. Boys are usually restless and hate to sit at one place for long. In case you are worried about how to keep a gang of little boys entertained without losing your mind, then this article will provide you with just the right solution that you need.

The following paragraphs will offer you with a few interesting birthday party themes for boys that will keep your son and his mates occupied and entertained for hours.

Theme #1: Harry Potter Party

Today, most kids love reading Harry Potter books and watching Harry Potter movies. So, if your son is between the ages of 8-11 then you should consider Harry Potter theme for his birthday. This theme will involve interesting games related to the Harry Potter series of books which your son and guests will thoroughly enjoy.

You can even hire a magician who dress as a wizard to spice up the party!

Theme #2: Detective party

Most boys love the idea of becoming a detective. In case your son loves it too then may be you can think of organizing a detective themed party for him. Kids usually find 'who-done-it' style games very exciting and interesting and therefore, a detective theme makes a good option for a birthday party.

Theme #3: Medieval Party

This theme is perfect for boys in middle school. The theme involves a mystery of murder and kids come dressed in medieval style attires to add to the theme of the party.

Theme #4: Survivor Party

This party theme is ideal for boys between the ages 6-8. The particular theme involves exciting games that your son and his friends will never get tired of and will be occupied for several hours. Give them only a few items for 'survivor' and see how they 'survive' the party till the end.

The birthday party themes mentioned above are ideal for little boys and are sure to add an extra zing to the evening. Hiring a party planner is also a good option to make this difficult task easier for you. All you need to do is tell them what you are looking for and they will do the rest in perfect order.

So, go ahead choose an exciting theme for your son's birthday party and make the occasion memorable and exciting for the birthday boy and his guests.   

Planning a birthday party need not to be stressful and it can be fun! All you need is just some creativity. Get information on organizing a birthday party as you learn how to plan a birthday party.

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