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So What Makes the Best Super Bowl Party Ever?

Written by KC Kudra

The final football game of the season is coming up. You want to invite all your cronies over to enjoy the biggest game of the year with you. However, how will you keep them content and fed? The good news is, there are lots of ways to not only keep your guests happy, but you can enjoy the game, too!

From Great Tailgate Parties to Superbowl Party

Remember all those tailgate parties you went to at the stadium during football season? Why not make your Super Bowl party the same way? Set up lawn chairs for extra seating around the TV. Set food out buffet style on the table and let everyone help himself or herself as they wish. Get a good supply of good quality paper plates and plastic utensils... you will love it when it comes to cleaning up! Invoking the memories of tailgating last fall will help make your party a success.

Supply plenty of cold beverages. Soda, water, and beer will be the easiest to serve as well as what is expected. Keep them cold in chests full of ice. We are invoking that tailgating fun remember? Screaming and cheering brings on a lot of thirst, so be sure to stock enough!

Superbowl Parties Means KISS - Keep it Super Snacks

When it comes to food, think snacks. Every good Super Bowl party is known for its wonderful snack food. Snacks are easy to make and if they get spilled during a great play, they are easy to clean up. Consider foods like nachos, pizza, chicken wings or meatballs... your guests want something they can pop in their mouths and stay in the spirit of the game. If you serve foods like chili or something else that needs a plate or bowl, be prepared in case it gets spilled. Serve up your buffet using platters and crock pots to keep the food ready at hand.

Another Super Bowl party tradition is the giant submarine sandwich. Pile it high with tomato, lettuce, and cold cuts. Surround it with lots of chips and dips to choose from will keep them happy. Other finger foods like sausage rolls and pigs in blankets are easy to make and they taste fabulous. Keep everything simple and fun so you can relax, too.

Remember the More Casual Fans

Not everyone is a big football fan, and it is inevitable that there will be a few who just do not care too much about watching. Let them congregate in a nice corner with lots of goodies to eat so they can visit and have a good time. If some guests are bringing children, set up a play room with toys they can enjoy during the game. Give them some snacks and they will have a great time.

Making Superbowl party food should be stress free and simple. You should be able to enjoy the game if you wish, or stay with the guests who prefer to visit. Either way, choose foods that make it easy for you. If you can prepare some the day before, all the better. Offer the food throughout the afternoon so it is not all gone at one time.

On Super Bowl Sunday, you will be able to relax. Well, at least you will be able to join in the fray and cheer for your favorite team. Watching football tends to get rather intense at times. Either way, you will have a great time serving up delicious snacks at your Super Bowl party.


Making easy Superbowl party recipes means that you can prepare all your snacks well in advance and relax with your guests when the game starts. There are lots of Superbowl recipes to choose from and meat snacks, like chicken wings, ribs and hot dogs, are always incredibly popular. You will find hundreds of quick easy appetizers at our website to give you some more ideas. - You Make the Appetizers, We Help You Make Them Delicious.

Have the Best Super Bowl Party Ever!