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Basketball Birthday Party Theme

Basketball Party Supplies

Written by Paul A Buchanan

If you have a son and he's nine or ten years old, there's a good chance he likes sports. And hey, basketball is a sport, right? So this year, when he turns eleven, why not give him a basketball birthday party theme? I would, if I were you. And clearly, I know a lot: how could I have opened up Microsoft Word and typed these words if I wasn't registered with Mensa.
So here's how we're going to do it: we'll send out all the invitations a few weeks in advance, telling the parents that the party will have a basketball "theme" we really call it a theme, or should we just say that we're going to be playing basketball? Let's say "theme"; that way, the parents will at least know that you know that word.
Plus, we're going to try and print off pictures of some of the all-time greats: let's print off some good shots of guys like Larry Bird, Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, and Wilt Chamberlain. So we have a few guys who dominated in the 80s, and then Wilt Chamberlain. Was he in the 60s? Whenever it was, it's a good conversation piece, and you can educate your kids a little on some of the past. (remember to find out when Wilt played before the party!)
Try and set up some lines in front of and around your basketball hoop, just like in "real" basketball. Try and come up with some team names that the kids will think are funny. A really cool thing would be if you could find a referee shirt and wear it as you greet the adults at the door. They'll really get a feel for what the party is about.
Then when it comes time for playing the actual game, grab that whistle and BE the referee. Maybe your house can be the official place to play on the block!


Have a FUN Basketball Party!

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