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Planning a Checklist For a Baby Shower Party

Baby Shower Supplies

Written by Janet Verra

Planning a baby shower is not always easy. There are so many things you need to consider if you really want to make the party a success. A smart way for you to stay on track when planning a baby shower is to make a checklist. With this, you can organize everything you need to have and to do for the shower, as well as reminds you of some important details that you might forget.

It is ideal to start working with the baby shower checklist approximately four week before the exact date of the baby shower. This is a smart start to do everything you need for the party without time-pressure. You need to choose a perfect date beforehand, and confirm it with the mom's availability and guests' schedule. This will ensure you that everyone she want to be in the party will really be able to attend.

Inviting people should start three to four weeks before the baby shower. You have start sending the invitations earlier so that those people you want to be in the party will have enough time to re-schedule other meetings or appointments. Including RSVP is not that important, but requesting people to give you a confirmation call on a certain date would really make sense. Doing this will ensure you that you will have the final number of guest by the second week. If they fail to send back the RSVPs or phone you, do be shy to call them up and ask them about the invitation. This is very important, especially in terms of ordering food and planning the menu.

If you have a long checklist to follow, don't hesitate to ask help from other people. You may invite a couple of friends, sisters or anyone else who is willing to help you plan the party. Make sure to let the mom-to-be know who helped you so that she can personally thank and acknowledge one's genuine presence. Everyone involved in the party should fee appreciated.

For the menu, you may want to order food from a local catering company or cook foods yourself. You have to decide which one to go for as early as possible. If you decided to consider a catering service, it is ideal to place your order three weeks before the shower date. This will ensure you that your order was successfully made before it'll be fully booked. If you want to order a cake, do it at least two weeks before.

Included in the checklists is the idea of decorating the baby shower. You will need some embellishments to add a bit of creativity to the venue, but don't go overboard. Be sure that to select baby shower decorations that suit to the theme of the party, as this is the right way to liven up the entire space. If you are on a budget, you can always count on various selections of colorful balloons, streamers, banners, hanging decors, or homemade baby diaper cakes and others. Lastly, do not forget prices for the baby shower games, and shower favors to thank the guests before leaving the place.

Have a Fun Baby Shower!

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