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Planning Your Awesome 80s Party

80s Theme Party Supplies

Written by Deni Griffiths

Having a party soon? Make it an Awesome 80s Party! Alrighty, if you actually remember parties in the 80s, you have to give yourself and your mates the opportunity to re-live an 80s party at least once!

The rest of you, will want to have a party with an eighties flavour, just so you have had SOME fun in your young lives. If it's any consolation, that's exactly how I feel about missing out on the 60s or the 70s. Okay, let's talk about planning. If you want to make this a rip snorter (Aussie slang for totally awesome) party, give yourself some space for planning. I would say a couple of months even.

This time will allow so many crucial 80s parties factors to fall into place for not only you, but your awesome 80s buddies too, so you can:

- Find absolute gems of 80s props, including authentic records, costumes and 80s fashion and other gear in the charity, secondhand and eBay stores.

- Buy the best value party gear that will save you heaps, because you bought it all online.

- Organise the best costumes, as you were able to shop around locally and buy the best bits you needed online.

Areas to consider are:

- Party Invitations

- Party Props

- Party Decorations

- Party Music and Games from the 80s

- Party Costumes from the 80s

- Party Food

- Party Prizes for less than $10, from the 80s

Jump onto our website,, for photos, details and in depth descriptions, to help you with your awesome 80s party.


Most of you would have heard about 80s themed parties by now. They are very popular, probably due to the really cool music, and fancy dress fun you can have. Are you hosting or attending an 80s fancy dress party?

Learn about 80s fashion and get tips on what and how to wear. Check out the website!

Have an AWESOME 80s Theme Party!

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