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Fabulous 50's Rock & Roll Party Tips

Rock 'n Roll Party Supplies

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Rock 'n Roll Sock Hop!

A 50's Rock 'n Roll Theme Party is easy to do and LOTS of fun! All you need are a few 50's theme decorations, 50's music, ice cream sodas and bubble gum!
Happy Days are here again!

These ideas are also great for a School Sock Hop! Remember When...?

Rock 'n Roll Party Decorating Ideas:

Start off by decorating with a classic 50's theme. If possible, have several tables set up to look like a Soda Shop. Decorate the walls with old 45 Records, Rock 'n Roll Banner or >50's Cut-Outs. Use LOTS of balloons! They are an inexpensive way to make any party festive!

Rock 'n Roll Party Activities

50's Game Ideas
1. Rock 'n Roll Dance Contest (of course!)
2. Hula Hoop Contest
3. Bubble Blowing Contest
4. Name That Tune Contest
5. Elvis Impersonation Contest
6. Guitar Pinata

Rock 'n Roll Party Favor Ideas

50's Contest Prize or Favor Ideas
1. Yo-Yo
2. Jack Rocks
3. Slinky
4. Pink Bubble Gum
5. Rock 'n Roll Bandanas
6. Elvis Sunglasses

The Soda Fountain

Serve up the past with a "fix your own" ice cream sundae or float bar! Provide all the fixings and let guest make their own! Or, have someone on hand to "take their order"...just like at a Soda Fountain. Serve in Black Checked paper cups for easy clean up! Use our Soda Shop Scene Setters to make your party room look like a real Soda Shop!

Other treats could include potato chips, carmel corn, root beer and coke.

For a "Record Cake": Bake and ice (or purchase ready made) an ordinary round chocolate cake. Take a fork and make lines all around cake to resemble an old record. Make a circle disc out of cardboard and color to resemble the label of the record and lay in middle of cake!

50's Rock and Roll Themed Party Kit for 8

Rock & Roll Party Supplies