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70's Disco Themed Party Kit for 8

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Everything You Need for a Disco Party:

Hanging Decorations (Disco Balls) - Includes 70's room decorating kits, beaded curtains, twirly whirlys, disco man pinata, and glass mirror disco balls.

Wall Decorations - Includes 70's scene setters, disco dancers scene setters, retro 70's silhouettes, disco ball cutouts, disco street sign cutouts.

Disco Balloons - Includes disco ball balloons, neon color latex balloons, and mylar star balloons.

Party Props - Includes the popular Photo Stand-Ins, disco dancer standees, disco party silhouettes, blacklight kits, colorful glow backgrounds, and more.

Lights - Includes mirro balls, LED strobe lights, blacklight fixture and bulbs, electric mirror for disco ball, and more.

Personalized Banners - Includes disco themed vinyl banners that you can personalize with your text, for no charge. Banners are available in several sizes.

Party Tableware - Includes the Disco themed tableware (shown above), party kits, centerpiece, neon color party tableware, black, gold, or siver tableware, and more.

Party Favors - Includes a large variety of personalized favors, novelty favors, candy bars, lollipops, and more.

Disco Party Ideas

A 70's Disco party is a fun idea for an over the hill party, teen party, costume party, or New Year's Eve party. Take a trip back to the 70's and decorate with disco balls and strobe lights. If it's for a birthday, add a fun banner. No need to worry about activites, everyone will be dancing! A dance contest would be a fun idea. Let everyone know ahead of time to practice their dance moves! Keep the food on the light side, but have plenty of drinks on hand for thirsty dancers. Make sugar cookies using music note cookie cutters and decorate with white icing and colorful sprinkles. If you're planning a costume party, you may be able to find 70's clothing at a thrift store or check online. Take lots of videos and photos of your party and post them on facebook. :)