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60's Hippie Party Supplies

Tye Dye Themed Party Kit for 8

Are you planning a retro themed party? You will love these 60's Hippie party supplies that feature a bright tye dyed swirl of red, yellow, blue, orange, purple, yellow, and lime green. Mix and match with matching solid colors.

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Retro Party Props for Decorating

Retro Party Props

Retro Party Props -

You can purchase these props individually or in kits - Basic, Deluxe, and Ultimate. Each larger size adds more props.

Retro Party Props include:
• Set of Retro Romance Standing Daisies
• Groovy Retro Car Standee
• Retro Times Arch
• Set of Retro Romance Flat Daisies
• Giant Lighted Peace Sign
• Retro Flashback Column
• Retro Peace Hand Standee
• Set of Giant Groovy Times Flowers
• Hippie Bus
• Set of Small Groovy Times Flowers

All props are cardboard, and some may need to be assembled. The retro car can be personalized.

Other props include peace signs, cars, arches, signs, and more.

Items in kits may also be purchased separately.

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Tye Dye Party Ideas

The Tye Dye, hippie theme is a very popular party. It's a favorite of tweens, teens and adults and can be used for an Over the Hill party for a 50thj or 60th birthday. Ask everyone to wear their favorite hippie clothes! Greet them with a peace sign necklace as a party favor. Decorate your room with bright, colorful balloons and streamers. The tableware itself is a great decoration. Keep your party food simple and serve pick-up foods, snacks, and chips. Activities can include trivia games and dance contest (60's dances, of course!). A fun idea would be to have a tye dye t-shirt contest. You can purchase tye dye kits that make this pretty easy to do. Make a cool tye dye cake and sugar cookies in the shape of peace signs. The most important thing is to just relax and have a great time...true to the 60's spirit!

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