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Summer Fun! Beach Party Ideas

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One of the most popular summertime fun things to do is playing in water! Whether it's in your own pool or at a lake or beach, it's a great way to cool off and party, too! But...suppose you don't have a pool at home or don't live near a lake or beach? You can still have a fun party and get wet, too! Here's how:

Getting Wet:
1. Use a hose! A simple garden hose with a sprinkler attachment will get the job done!
2. Water pistols.
3. Water balloons
4. Child size play pool.
5. Wet Foam Football Toss

Beach Effect:
1. Beach Scene Setters
2. Sandbox or Sand Pile
3. Beach Towels
4. Beach Pails and Shovels
5. Beach Balls
6. Beach Games
7. Beach Music

Summer Fun Party Decorating Ideas:

Beach Party Decorations - Decorate with simple beach items such as beach towels and beach balls. Of course, have beach chairs or yard furniture and a picnic table available. If you aren't having the party at a pool or beach, you can improvise by having a kids size pool and a sandbox (or sandpile) available. Kids (and adults) love to play in the sand and make sand castles and everyone can splash in the water! A simple yard hose with a sprinkler attachment will provide some cool, wet entertainment with no pool required! Have willing participants have a water pistol fight or play water balloon volleyball.

Picnic Table Decorations - You can decorate your picnic table with summer pattern paper goods! This gives a great summertime feel to the party! Use new beach pails for serving bowls! If you plan to serve the food before the games, use beach pails to serve each child their lunch and later they can then play with the pail.

Summer Party Games and Activities

The summer games and activities listed below are pretty much self-explanatory.

1. Swimming or Playing in Water Sprinkler
2. Volleyball
3. Badminton
4. Horse Shoes
5. Limbo Game
6. Water Balloon Fights
7. Water Pistols or Squirt Toys
8. Dancing to Beach Music
9. Roasting Marshmellows and/or Making S'mores!
10. Playing with beach ball

Summer Party Favors

These party favors are inexpensive, will be loved by all and can be used all summer!

1. Beach Balls
2. Beach Pails and Shovels
3. Squirt Fish
4. Squirt Guns
5. Water Noodles (long skinny float toys)
6. Water Goggles
7. Inflatable Sports Balls
8. Funky Neon Sunglasses
9. Beachcomber Hats

Summer Party Food Ideas

A summer party isn't complete without hot dogs and hamburgers on the grill! Add the fixings, plenty of chips, fresh fruit and veggies. Watermellon and Ice cream for dessert! Provide plenty of iced tea, soft drinks and water in a Palm Tree inflatable cooler. If your party is in the evening and you can have a campfire...roast marshmellows, make s'mores and sing campfire songs! A great way to end a summer fun party!

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