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Spider-Man Birthday Party Supplies

Spider-Man Birthday Party Kit

Spider-Man Party Supplies -

This new Spider-Man party design features poses of Spider-Man slinging his web on a blue background with red border. He seems to be jumping right out of the picture. The beverage napkins and 9 ounce cups feature a close up of his mask. Other themed decorations for your party include banners, balloons, centerpiece, danglers, and more.

Shopping is easy with everything you need for your birthday party in one kit. There are 3 kit sizes:

The Basic Party Kit for 8 includes themed dinner and dessert plates, luncheon napkins and hot/cold cups, white plastic tablecover, and red cutlery set.

The Deluxe kit adds a personalized banner, candles, and red and blue crepe streamers.

The Ultimate kit includes everything in the deluxe kit, plus 12 white and 12 red latex balloons, blue curling ribbon, blue foil balloon weights, and Spider-Man dangler decorations.

Items in kits may also be purchased separately, including tableware, invitations, thank yous, decorations, balloons, party favors, activities, and cake supplies.

Spider-Man Party Ideas

Spider-Man is a favorite party for boys! Even girls love Spider-Man! Invite your child's guest to wear their favorite Spider-Man or other Super Hero t-shirts, hats, or, even costumes (maybe a leftover Halloween costume. My grandson kept his and played in it often!). And, if you'd like, invite them to bring their favorite Spider-Man action figures as well. Girls won't be left out, since there are women Super Heroes as well.

It's easy to decorate for a this super hero party. Just set around your child's Spider-Man toys! Add a couple of movie posters to the can use them later for his bedroom. Of course, a birthday banner and lots of balloons are always a fun addition to your decorations, no matter what your theme!

You'll want to add a few games to your party, but for active boys, just free play by having the kids think up their own super hero adventures. This is about the best party activity you can have. (Even better, if the weather is nice and the boys can play outside.) You could have a "Hot Super Hero" game (played like Hot Potato) by using a super hero action figure to pass around to some music (play the movie theme song). The action figure could be the prize!