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Holiday Shopping Tips - Christmas Shopping Made Easy!

Ho! Ho! Ho!
Make Your List and Check it Twice!

Yes, it's that time already!
If you want your Christmas shopping to go easier this year,
follow Santa's lead, and Make a List!
Here are some helpful Holiday Shopping Tips!

In my family, each year about this time, I have my
children make a list of the things they would like to
receive as a gift. This list is copied and given to
each of the other family members. This way,
everyone knows what the other would like.

This in no means guarantees that you'll receive
everything, or anything, that is on your list.
It does not obligate anyone to buy what is on a list.
The fun is in...not knowing what you'll really get.

It's also helpful to have a list with each STORE
and gift(s) to be purchased at each location.
You can get a lot of the "decision making" done before
even going out to the mall. Having a "STORE LIST"
helps prevent forgetting something and return trips.

Some of us love to shop, some shudder at the thought!
I have to admit, I'm not a "Shopper".
I hate the crowds and traffic. Maybe I'm not normal...
That is why I do most of my shopping online. It is a great
alternative to crowds and frayed nerves!
And, kids never climb out of online shopping carts!
You can also find unique gifts not found in mall stores.

Shopping is secure and holiday shipping rates are usually
low or free. There are also lots of great deals to be found!
And, the best part never have to leave home!

If you have gifts to buy for out of town family or friends,
shop online and have the gift delivered direct with a
gift card included. This saves on postage!

Whatever your style of shopping, try to shop early this year.
You'll have more time to enjoy visiting
with family and friends!

I wish you a Blessed Holiday Season!

Faye Rutledge

Peace on Earth