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Baby Shower Supplies

If you're hosting a baby shower soon, here are some helpful tips for planning, decorating, games, favors and gifts.

Planning the Baby Shower
Plan the date, time, place and refreshment menu for the baby shower one month ahead. Make a list of things to do and start early. Purchase as much as possible ahead of time to avoid last minute rushing. You can easily purchase the decorations and paper goods early. Make life easier by shopping online.

Be sure to purchase thank you notes when you purchase the invitations. Give each guest an envelope when they arrive and have them address it and return it when they leave. This will make things much easier on the expectant mother when sending out thank you notes. Or, you can use a Sign In Sheet and have each guest sign their name and address when they arrive. Mail invitations 2 weeks ahead of the shower date.

Decorate with coordinating tablecloth, plates, cups and napkins. Use a baby shower theme of your choice or use the same theme that the mother is using to decorate the nursery. You can mix and match with solid color tableware.

For a centerpiece use balloons or with small baby toys and rattles lying on the table or in a basket. Use one theme balloon and add some solid color balloons in coordinating colors.

If you like, you can put up a banner announcing "It's a Girl!" or "It's a Boy!" (if you know ahead of time). The banner can then be given to the mother to display later when the baby is born.

Baby Shower Games
Choose only a couple of games to get the party going. Here are some suggestions:

1. Place several baby items on a tray and pass it around. Have each guest write down as many items as they can remember. The one with the most correct answers wins!

2. Make a list of baby terms such as bottle, nursery, etc. and scramble them. Have guest write the correct word. The guest who gets the most correct answers wins!

3. This isn't really a game, but I always think it is neat to do. Have each guest write down a bit of advice for the mother-to-be and take turns reading aloud what they wrote. Take all of the notes and give to the mother-to-be after they've all been read. Or, provide a book for everyone to write the tips in.

4.Baby Shower BINGO or other games.

Baby Shower Favors
It's thoughtful to give a favor to each guest plus you'll need prizes for the games. Have a couple of extra prizes on hand in case of a tie.

Baby Shower Gifts
The most important part of the shower...the gifts! Gift Boxes or Baskets are a great idea! Or, visit the for a special baby gift!