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Disco Fever Is Back!
Get ready to dance, get ready to party! Disco is a great theme for an evening filled with memories. Below you will find decorating ideas for your room and table, activity and game suggestions and party food ideas.

Disco Party Decorating Ideas:

Room Decorations
Balloons and streamers...the basic decorating stand-bys...are always an inexpensive and easy way to turn any room into a festive party. Attach streamers from center of ceiling to each corner of the room. Use two colors and twist streamers for effect. Hang lots of Disco balls and electric disco lights. Disco scene setters are also a very inexpensive way to decorate your party room.

Table Decorations
The easiest way to bring out any party theme is with the paper products for your table. Decorate with Disco or Music Note theme tablecover, plates, napkins and cups. Add plates or napkins in solid silver or gold if desired. Scatter some disco confetti on the table. For the centerpiece use a Disco ball on a base or fiber optic light.

Disco Party Activity Ideas

Activity and Game Ideas
1. Disco Fever! - Play favorite Disco music and dance, dance, dance!
2. Dance Contest! - A Disco party has to have a Dance Contest!
3. Charades - Anyone that gets tired from dancing can play this fun game!
4. Trivia - Have Trivia questions about the disco era. Bring back the memories!

Disco Party Food Ideas

Disco Diner!
A disco party will need LOTS of cool drinks for thirsty dancers! (If this an adult party, ask guest to "Bring Your Own Drink" for alcohol to help with the expense.) Furnish soft drinks, tea and water.

Serve light snacks. For example: ham biscuits, cheese and crackers, veggies/fruit and dip, chips, Chex Mix, peanuts and a variety of cookies.

Serve party food on Disco theme paper products for easy clean up!

Have a GREAT Disco Theme Party!

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