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Barbie Birthday Party Tips

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Happy Birthday!
Barbie is a favorite party theme for girls. Invite guest to bring their favorite Barbie doll to this party! Below you will find decorating ideas for your room and table, activity and game suggestions and party food ideas.

Barbie Party Decorating Ideas:

Room Decorations
Balloons and streamers...the basic decorating stand-bys...are always an inexpensive and easy way to turn any room into a festive birthday party. Attach streamers from center of ceiling to each corner of the room. Use two colors and twist streamers for effect. Or...attach short streamers to doorways or down walls. Use plenty of pink, lavender, blue and green balloons plus a special Barbie balloon. Tie in bunches of 3 around room and/or attach one balloon to the back of each chair at the table. Use extra balloons on the "birthday" chair. Give each child a balloon to take home after the party. Add a Barbie banner and ceiling danglers. A Nail Polish Pinata can be used as a decoration and as a game later.

Table Decorations
The easiest way to bring out any party theme is with the paper products for your table. Decorate with Barbie tablecover, plates, napkins and cups. Add plates or napkins in solid colors if desired. For the center of the table use a Barbie centerpiece or have the birthday cake on display. Have a Barbie loot bag filled with favors for each guest.

Barbie Party Activities

Activity and Game Ideas
1. Nail Polish Pinata - A birthday party isn't complete without a pinata!
2. Dress Up - Little girls love to play dress-up, so have some women's clothing, boas and high heels available and let the fun begin!
3. Dancing - Discover the magical world of dance! Just provide music.
4. Barbie Dolls - Have each guest bring their own favorite Barbie doll and everyone play and visit together. If desired, you could make a game of giving prizes for the Barbe that is the Best Dressed, Best Dancer, etc.
5. Pin the Tail on the Donkey - An old favorite at every birthday party.

Barbie Party Prizes and Favors

Prize and Favor Ideas
1. Child's Boa
2. Barbie Stickers
3. Barbie Tattoos
4. Barbie Pencils
5. Barbie Treat Purse

Barbie Party Food Ideas

Party Food!
Serve finger foods that are easy and fun for children and keep it simple. Cut finger sandwiches into heart shapes with a cookie cutter. A fun idea that children love is peanut butter and jelly on party rolls. These are just kid sized! Add some small snacks like fruit, cheese cubes, chips and mini chocolate chip cookies. Serve party food on Barbie paper products for easy clean up.

Royal Punch
1 can Hawaiian Punch
1/2 gallon pineapple sherbet
2 - 2 liter bottles of ginger ale
Freeze a can of Hawaiian Punch fruit juice until slushy. Pour into a punch bowl. Add 1/2 gallon pineapple sherbet and two bottles of ginger ale.

The Birthday Cake!
Make your own theme cake using a Wilton Barbie Party Cake Pan (if you have the time and talent)...or use a Barbie Diamond Castle Cake Topper, or cupcake picks. Last resort...order a theme cake from your local bakery or grocery store. BE SURE TO ORDER EARLY!

Have a GREAT Barbie Birthday Party!

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