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1st Birthday Party Ideas: Decorating, Activites, Favors, Food

Whether you're planning a small get together or a large party for your Baby's 1st Birthday, it is a special time to remember. Maybe this is your "first" 1st Birthday party to give for a child! Here are some tips to help you get it together!

Planning a 1st Birthday Party

Make out an invitation list early so you'll have an idea of the number attending. This will help when buying invitations and the party supplies. Purchase invitations and thank you notes together. Consider on-line shopping. It's a great time saving idea for busy moms!

1st Birthday Party Decorating Ideas

Decide on the theme of your party. Some popular birthday themes for a 1st birthday are Winnie the Pooh, Sesame Street, Care Bears, Cupcake Theme, and Balloon Theme. Many of these themes offer a specific 1st birthday set. Decorate with coordinating theme tablecloth, plates, cups and napkins. You can mix and match with solid color tableware as well. For a centerpiece, use the centerpiece that is included with your party theme, if possible. Attach a theme mylar balloon to the centerpiece. Have solid color balloons in bunches around the room.

1st Birthday Party Activity Ideas

At this young age, it's probably best to have toys available and just let children play at will. If older brothers and sisters will be attending, you could select a few simple party games. For example: Pin the Tail on the Donkey and Hot Potato.

1st Birthday Favor Ideas

Have party hats and blowouts for each child. No birthday party is complete without them! Give each child guest a favor bag with a couple small gifts. Give each child a solid color balloon to take home.

1st Birthday Gift Ideas

The most important part of the party...the gifts! Now that baby is one year old, he's ready for a new set of toys and probably clothes as well. Educational toys and riding toys are good picks.

1st Birthday Party Food Ideas

Keep it simple! Serve pick up foods that are easy for small children to handle. One cute idea is making peanut butter and jelly on Pepperidge Farm party rolls. Kids love them and they're just the right size. Also offer bitesize snacks such as Goldfish crackers, animal crackers, mini chocolate chip cookies, etc.

1st Birthday Cake

Keep in tradition by giving the "First Birthday Child" their own little cake to "destroy"! This can be a small individual cake or a cupcake. If you are ordering your cake from the local bakery or grocery chain, be sure to order early. If you are baking your own cake, and feel creative, you can purchase shaped cake pans or theme birthday cake kits. Use a theme cake to co-ordinate with your paper tableware.

P.S. DON'T FORGET THE CAMERA! You'll want to take LOTS of pictures!

Have a FUN 1st Birthday Party!

See that's not so hard! Just remember to plan ahead, relax, and have a great time on your baby's special day!